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$1.0 Million Settlement for Wrongful Removal of Child

My clients were Queens residents accused of abusing their infant child by New York City Administration for Children’s Services when they could not explain how their seven month-old child sustained a fractured femur. We were able to demonstrate that ACS failed to properly investigate the case and ignored exculpatory evidence revealed a few days later that the child sustained the fracture from a fall while in the exclusive care of the child’s baby sitter who had initially withheld this information from the parents. Despite this revelation, ACS continued to prosecute the parents forcing them to defend the case in Family Court for four years. The client suffered damages stemming from the unlawful removal of their child, malicious prosecution, violation of their civil rights, legal fees and loss of wages.

$850,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a New York City police officer was involved in a high speed emergency pursuit in Brooklyn. His vehicle collided with another police vehicle while both were traveling through a controlled intersection in high speed pursuit for the same emergency. The client sustained a fractured nose which required surgery; and injuries to his knee and shoulder, both of which required arthroscopies.

$675,000 Settlement for Burn Injury

My client, a Nassau County resident, fell inside a high school cafeteria kitchen in Nassau County where she was serving as a temporary worker in a prestigious Long Island District. She fell against a working french frier and hot oil splashed from the unit scalding her elbow. She received third degree burns which required grafting and developed complex regional pain syndrome (RSD). My client was initially told she did not have a case by prior counsel before she came to our office. Thankfully we were able to revive the matter with a successful motion to file a late Notice of Claim. The case settled during jury selection.

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