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$5.3 Million Verdict for Construction Worker

My client a 44 year-old construction foreman sustained a neck injury in New Jersey when a ceiling panel from a refrigeration box fell on him while he was building the supports. The client sustained a cervical disc herniation which warranted a fusion and plating at various levels of the cervical spine. Defendants alleged that my client was responsible for his own injuries because he exclusively controlled the manner in which the work was performed. We proved to a Federal Jury in Essex County that the defendant was liable because of their failure to provide safe equipment for use at the work site.

$1.35 Million Mediated Settlement for Construction Worker

My client was a 38 year-old Staten Island laborer who was struck by an excavator while working on a major construction project in Queens County. The client had an extensive history of injuries and medical treatment to his neck and back including a prior fusion to his cervical spine. He required an additional fusion of his cervical spine as well as a laminectomy of his lumbar spine.

$200,000 Settlement for Construction Accident

My client, a Nassau County resident, fell from a ladder which slid out from under him while he was performing repairs to a box truck inside a garage. He sustained a fractured pelvis which required skeletal traction to repair.

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