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$1.0 Million Settlement for Wrongful Removal of Child

My clients were Queens residents accused of abusing their infant child by New York City Administration for Children’s Services when they could not explain how their seven month-old child sustained a fractured femur. We were able to demonstrate that ACS failed to properly investigate the case and ignored exculpatory evidence revealed a few days later that the child sustained the fracture from a fall while in the exclusive care of the child’s baby sitter who had initially withheld this information from the parents. Despite this revelation, ACS continued to prosecute the parents forcing them to defend the case in Family Court for four years. The client suffered damages stemming from the unlawful removal of their child, malicious prosecution, violation of their civil rights, legal fees and loss of wages.

$124,000 Settlement for Wrongful Removal of Children

My clients were members of a Queen’s family whose lives were disrupted when the children were removed by police and case workers from the Administration of Children’s Services in the middle of the night. The children were removed on the basis of educational neglect and were kept away from their home until the Family Court ordered their immediate return the next day. We were able to establish during the discovery phase of this Federal action that the City had no legal right or authority to remove the children and violated their civil rights.

$90,000 Settlement for False Arrest

My client, an upper Manhattan resident, was arrested while walking along Second Avenue with some friends to a local diner. They were confronted by a crowd exiting the local church hall where a party had just let out. My client turned to run away from the crowd but was grabbed by New York City Police officers who unjustifiably started beating him with their nightsticks and other blunt objects. My client was arrested and spent nearly 48 hours in jail. Thankfully, the client suffered only superficial wounds, cuts and bruises and the charges were eventually dismissed. The Federal Court action settled during discovery.

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