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$675,000 Settlement for Burn Injury

My client, a Nassau County resident, fell inside a high school cafeteria kitchen in Nassau County where she was serving as a temporary worker in a prestigious Long Island District. She fell against a working french frier and hot oil splashed from the unit scalding her elbow. She received third degree burns which required grafting and developed complex regional pain syndrome (RSD). My client was initially told she did not have a case by prior counsel before she came to our office. Thankfully we were able to revive the matter with a successful motion to file a late Notice of Claim. The case settled during jury selection.

$200,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

My client, a senior citizen, while visiting a friend in a Queens County apartment building, slipped and fell on a wet floor which had been mopped but had no signs warning of the slippery condition. My client suffered a fractured patella which required surgical repair using wire sutures woven through the patella tendon and fragments. The case settled at jury selection.

$124,000.00 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

My client was an employee of a New York City Hospital when he slipped and fell on rain water which the defendant vending company had permitted to accumulate on and about the handicap ramp leading from the Ground floor cafeteria to the Courtyard. My client sustained a severely dislocated shoulder and a loss of wages. Case settled at conference before Federal Magistrate Judge

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