Did you know that approximately 40% of police pursuits end in a crash and 20% of such pursuits result in injury? Are the risks of pursuit always justified? Especially in cases where the officer is only out to give a traffic ticket and winds up injuring a car full of innocent people?

While government officials and public servants, such as the police, emergency first responders, firefighters, transportation and housing authorities, often do their best to serve and safeguard our neighborhoods and cities, some overzealous or careless individuals can make mistakes that seriously injure those they are meant to serve. In such cases, the injured person deserves to have a chance to recover their losses.

Municipal liability cases can be filed against any city, county, state or federal agency or employee. While municipalities often enjoy immunity from civil action, in many cases they can be held responsible for accidents or injuries resulting from their actions, errors, or negligence. Lawsuits against municipalities, government employees or public authorities are not for the casual personal injury attorney who seek a quick resolution. These cases are fraught with traps and pitfalls such as strict claim and notice prerequisites, shortened statues of limitation, limited discovery opportunities and a defendant with unlimited resources. Marchelos’ prior experience and training as a trial attorney with the City of New York has given him unique knowledge and insight to these and all other issues involved in municipal liability cases which are employed to successfully prosecute cases for his clients.

Common cases involving municipal liability include, but are not limited to:

  • Bus and other public or government vehicle (i.e. police and emergency vehicle) accidents
  • Road work related traffic accidents
  • Road dangers related to traffic lights and street lighting
  • Government equipment or services defects or dangers
  • Government building accidents
  • Street and sidewalk dangers
  • Other cases involving government recklessness or negligence
  • Train and subway accidents
  • Defective parks and playgrounds

While individuals do have the right to file a municipal liability case for injuries resulting in the above and similar circumstances, successful suits against the government require the specialized knowledge of an experienced attorney. Steve Marchelos has been successful in holding the government accountable for negligence that has caused his clients serious injury and has been able to recover the compensation they deserve. Contact Marchelos Law if you have been injured.