$5.3 Million Verdict for Construction Worker

My client a 44 year-old construction foreman sustained a neck injury in New Jersey when a ceiling panel from a refrigeration box fell on him while he was building the supports. The client sustained a cervical disc herniation which warranted a fusion and plating at various levels of the cervical spine. Defendants alleged that my client was responsible for his own injuries because he exclusively controlled the manner in which the work was performed. We proved to a Federal Jury in Essex County that the defendant was liable because of their failure to provide safe equipment for use at the work site.

$3.5 Million Settlement for Neurosurgical Malpractice

My client was a 42 year-old Suffolk County woman who underwent a neurosurgical procedure to clip an aneurysm. We were able to show that the defendant neurosurgeons departed from accepted standards of care by failing to properly expose the neck of the aneurysm prior to placing the clips. As a result, my client suffered a stroke with residual hemiplegia. The case settled during jury selection.

$1.41 Million Structured Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client was a 17-year-old high school student in Bergen County New Jersey who was struck by an automobile while walking to school. He sustained a fracture of his tibia and fibula and developed a peroneal nerve palsy and compartment syndrome which left him with a partial disability and residual scarring. The case settled prior to trial with the money going to a structure (annuity) which will yield the client a guaranteed $1.41 million. Due to his age, he will likely receive more because of a component in the structure which will pay him a monthly sum for the remainder of his life.

$1.35 Million Mediated Settlement for Construction Worker

My client was a 38 year-old Staten Island laborer who was struck by an excavator while working on a major construction project in Queens County. The client had an extensive history of injuries and medical treatment to his neck and back including a prior fusion to his cervical spine. He required an additional fusion of his cervical spine as well as a laminectomy of his lumbar spine.

$1.0 Million Settlement for Wrongful Removal of Child

My clients were Queens residents accused of abusing their infant child by New York City Administration for Children’s Services when they could not explain how their seven month-old child sustained a fractured femur. We were able to demonstrate that ACS failed to properly investigate the case and ignored exculpatory evidence revealed a few days later that the child sustained the fracture from a fall while in the exclusive care of the child’s baby sitter who had initially withheld this information from the parents. Despite this revelation, ACS continued to prosecute the parents forcing them to defend the case in Family Court for four years. The client suffered damages stemming from the unlawful removal of their child, malicious prosecution, violation of their civil rights, legal fees and loss of wages.

$850,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a New York City police officer was involved in a high speed emergency pursuit in Brooklyn. His vehicle collided with another police vehicle while both were traveling through a controlled intersection in high speed pursuit for the same emergency. The client sustained a fractured nose which required surgery; and injuries to his knee and shoulder, both of which required arthroscopies.

$750,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a young Queens County man was sideswiped by a vehicle driven recklessly by the defendant at a Queens intersection. He sustained an injury to his lower back, lumbar disc bulge, which resulted in impotency that was alleged to be neurogenic in origin. With a limited insurance policy and a challenge to the injury’s causation (psychogenic vs. neurogenic origins), the case settled on the eve of trial.

$675,000 Settlement for Burn Injury

My client, a Nassau County resident, fell inside a high school cafeteria kitchen in Nassau County where she was serving as a temporary worker in a prestigious Long Island District. She fell against a working french frier and hot oil splashed from the unit scalding her elbow. She received third degree burns which required grafting and developed complex regional pain syndrome (RSD). My client was initially told she did not have a case by prior counsel before she came to our office. Thankfully we were able to revive the matter with a successful motion to file a late Notice of Claim. The case settled during jury selection.

$500,000 (policy limits) Settlement/Verdict for Auto Accident Death

My client was an off-duty police officer who was killed in a collision with a truck driver who made a left turn in front of her from the opposite direction on a major thoroughfare in Suffolk County. Both vehicles had a steady green light. An action was brought against the State of New York (the owner of the roadway with a duty to maintain it) for failing to place the proper traffic control signal at the intersection where the accident occurred. We alleged that this intersection required a restricted left turn arrow signal which would have eliminated the truck driver’s decision to make his turn. Unfortunately, the Court of Claims Judge was not convinced that the State violated any duty to the plaintiff and was not negligent for failing to change or modify that traffic light. The case settled with the truck driver for the full policy limits.

$315,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a Bronx resident, was a passenger in an automobile that was struck by a tractor trailer truck while traveling on Route 80 in Bergen County, New Jersey. My client sustained a disc herniation in his cervical and lumbar spines.

$308,132 Structured Settlement for Pedestrian Knockdown

My client was struck by a car while walking to his home in Howell, New Jersey. He was crossing in the middle of the street on a dark, foggy night. Hospital records revealed that he had a blood alcohol content of .232. He sustained serious injuries including, a tibial plateau fracture, a ruptured bladder and respiratory failure necessitating emergency tracheostomy.

$300,000 Verdict for Automobile Accident with NYC Ambulance

My client, a Queens resident, was involved in an accident with a New York City ambulance that ran a red light. We were able to prove that the ambulance driver was not on an “emergency run” and that he was required to obey traffic rules as any other motorist. My client suffered a fractured maxilla requiring surgery to repair.

$265,000 Verdict for Sidewalk Trip and Fall

My client, a Bronx resident, tripped and fell on a sidewalk defect in Bronx County, New York. As he attempted to break his fall, his outstretched hand landed on some broken glass. My client sustained a non-displaced fracture of the distal phalanx of this right thumb as well as a laceration of the volar digital nerve to the thumb.

$225,000 Settlement for Roadway Trip and Fall

My client tripped and fell in a pothole in the roadway which was created by one of the road crews for the City of New York who negligently failed to repair it. The City denied that they performed any prior repairs on the pothole where my client fell and that they did not have prior written notice of the defect. My client sustained a bi-malleolar fracture with surgery to reduce and stabilize the ankle. The case settled after jury selection and prior to opening statements.

$200,000 Settlement for Construction Accident

My client, a Nassau County resident, fell from a ladder which slid out from under him while he was performing repairs to a box truck inside a garage. He sustained a fractured pelvis which required skeletal traction to repair.

$200,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

My client, a senior citizen, while visiting a friend in a Queens County apartment building, slipped and fell on a wet floor which had been mopped but had no signs warning of the slippery condition. My client suffered a fractured patella which required surgical repair using wire sutures woven through the patella tendon and fragments. The case settled at jury selection.

$190,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Knockdown

My client, a Manhattan senior citizen, was struck by a van while crossing the street in a crosswalk. My client sustained a medial and lateral meniscus tear requiring arthroscopic surgery; a non-displaced fracture of the proximal fibula; and a shoulder labrum tear.

$190,000 Settlement for Construction Accident

My client fell from a scaffold when the wooden boards that served as a platform snapped, causing him to fall through to the next level where his underarm caught a cross rail below breaking his fall. My client sustained a partial rotator cuff tear which required two arthroscopic acromioplasty and debridements.

$175,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client was a 15 year-old high school student in Queens who was injured while a passenger in a car which lost control and crashed into another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. My client sustained a fracture humerus requiring surgical repair.

$137,500 Settlement for Medical Malpractice

My client, a senior citizen suffering from diabetes, underwent treatment to control an infection. The doctor responsible for his care failed to timely test and then treat the infection, and, as a result, failed to properly prescribe an appropriate anti-biotic. My client lost three toes as a result of this failure. The case settled at after jury selection in Nassau County.

$124,000 Settlement for Wrongful Removal of Children

My clients were members of a Queen’s family whose lives were disrupted when the children were removed by police and case workers from the Administration of Children’s Services in the middle of the night. The children were removed on the basis of educational neglect and were kept away from their home until the Family Court ordered their immediate return the next day. We were able to establish during the discovery phase of this Federal action that the City had no legal right or authority to remove the children and violated their civil rights.

$90,000 Settlement for False Arrest

My client, an upper Manhattan resident, was arrested while walking along Second Avenue with some friends to a local diner. They were confronted by a crowd exiting the local church hall where a party had just let out. My client turned to run away from the crowd but was grabbed by New York City Police officers who unjustifiably started beating him with their nightsticks and other blunt objects. My client was arrested and spent nearly 48 hours in jail. Thankfully, the client suffered only superficial wounds, cuts and bruises and the charges were eventually dismissed. The Federal Court action settled during discovery.

$75,000 Verdict for False Arrest

My client was a local Queen’s shopkeeper who was arrested on false and manipulated charges brought by another local shopkeeper who claimed that he had caused physical damage to shower stalls in his gym. My client was arrested in his shop and forced to spend 24 hours in various detention cells throughout Queens before his release. He received his justice when a jury returned a verdict against the gym owner and his employee for manufacturing the evidence which resulted in the arrest.

$55,000 Settlement for False Arrest

My client was arrested by police officers as a result of a dispute in a Brooklyn park between an off-duty police officer (who was intoxicated) and my client. My client was incarcerated for 11 hours before his release and the charges were eventually dropped. The City refuted the allegations of intoxication but eventually settled this Federal Court action before trial.

$40,000 Settlement for False Arrest and Excessive Force

My client was a 15 year-old Nassau County resident who was picking up toys from a Brooklyn warehouse with his family and neighbors to deliver them to sick children in various hospitals for the Christmas Holiday. While walking along the sidewalk from one end of the warehouse to another, he was approached and then chased by undercover police officers who failed to identify themselves. The client was detained for less than one hour and suffered a lacerated lip where a police officer punched him. The matter settled prior to discovery proceedings in Federal Court.

$400,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

My client, slipped and fell on an icy condition which was created by a contractor during the demolition of a home on Staten Island. Defendants contended that water from a hose was needed to spray down the house during demolition (to keep dust down) and the ice was an unavoidable bi-product of this use. They also contended that my client saw, or should’ve seen, the ice prior to his fall and thus was responsible for his own accident. My client sustained two compression fractures of his thoracic spine which required a kyphoplasty to repair; and continued back pain.

$124,000.00 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident

My client was an employee of a New York City Hospital when he slipped and fell on rain water which the defendant vending company had permitted to accumulate on and about the handicap ramp leading from the Ground floor cafeteria to the Courtyard. My client sustained a severely dislocated shoulder and a loss of wages. Case settled at conference before Federal Magistrate Judge

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