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$1.41 Million Structured Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client was a 17-year-old high school student in Bergen County New Jersey who was struck by an automobile while walking to school. He sustained a fracture of his tibia and fibula and developed a peroneal nerve palsy and compartment syndrome which left him with a partial disability and residual scarring. The case settled prior to trial with the money going to a structure (annuity) which will yield the client a guaranteed $1.41 million. Due to his age, he will likely receive more because of a component in the structure which will pay him a monthly sum for the remainder of his life.

$850,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a New York City police officer was involved in a high speed emergency pursuit in Brooklyn. His vehicle collided with another police vehicle while both were traveling through a controlled intersection in high speed pursuit for the same emergency. The client sustained a fractured nose which required surgery; and injuries to his knee and shoulder, both of which required arthroscopies.

$750,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident

My client, a young Queens County man was sideswiped by a vehicle driven recklessly by the defendant at a Queens intersection. He sustained an injury to his lower back, lumbar disc bulge, which resulted in impotency that was alleged to be neurogenic in origin. With a limited insurance policy and a challenge to the injury’s causation (psychogenic vs. neurogenic origins), the case settled on the eve of trial.

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